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2015 – More Lyme & Co Treatment Ahead

At the beginning of last year 2014, I had just been diagnosed with Lyme disease and had started herbal supplements to treat it.  I thought for sure that by 2015, I could tell you all that I AM BACK.

While I have been taking antimicrobials for an entire year, I’m not done yet.  I spent most of 2014 jumping from doctor to doctor, being diagnosed with many infections and problems, and gathering opinions on what I should do to get better.  The other hours I spent doing maintenance on my body so I could feel halfway decent.

Just SOME of the supplements I've mowed through in 2014

Just SOME of the supplements I’ve mowed through in 2014

If you can imagine, taking this constant beat down has been brutal. Treatment is lonely and seemingly endless at times. If I didn’t have my Young Living oils to help me move through the bad emotions, I don’t know if I would have made it! (Honestly the oils are the one aspect of my health care I enjoy and have made into a hobby.)

Texas is a Lyme-unfriendly state for doctors, meaning the board has chased away almost all the doctors willing to treat it. (See documentary Under Our Skin and Under Our Skin 2:Emergence for more background on the politics behind Lyme.  It is crazy, and I’m not going there today.)

Instead of traveling out of state, I had been working with a very intelligent, eccentric Naturopath who cured his own Lyme, combined with an open-minded integrative MD.  While they have undoubtedly saved my life on a few counts this year, my ND is just so busy that I’m left without all the information, sometimes for a few months at a time.  He is somewhat wishy-washy about what we are doing, for how long, and why.

So after enduring a six-month waiting list, we went to see a Lyme-literate MD in Denver this week.  It was exciting to see someone who has treated over 1,000 cases and worked with some of the top Lyme doctors in the country.  And nerve-wracking to wonder what he would think of my case!

His take on my current condition is that I’ve taken some good steps by making the lifestyle changes and using the herbs and oils that I have used.  However, he feels like I have clinical symptoms of two other infections and parasites that need treatment.  We have long suspected these infections as well, yet the testing to detect them is notoriously inaccurate.

So here I go with this new lineup of herbals that are sure to make me feel horrible!!  I am so weary of feeling badly that it’s hard to start something new, but I am going to do it because I want my life back!  The good news is, this LLMD feels like 12-18 months of treatment should do the job.  And I’m happy that he is going to use these herbals first, instead of starting out with hardcore antibiotics.


Starting 2016 with a fresh set of herbals targeting the co-infections!

Starting 2016 with a fresh set of herbals targeting the co-infections!


I have renewed faith that I am taking the correct steps to eradicate this nightmare from my life. Yet, I am not naïve anymore – look at Yolanda Foster, the super-rich Beverly Hills Housewife, who has been spending mega bucks all over the world to treat her chronic Lyme. Yolanda just spent Christmas in the hospital from a relapse. I will have to be vigilant to avoid further health problems.

However, I AM thankful for the good health I did have for Christmas this year – I took it easier on the treatment and was able to keep up with my family pretty well.  I uploaded our entire year’s worth of photos and organized them into a photo book for our parents and grandparents.  I was so thankful to look back and see all those happy moments – even though I know that behind the scenes, 2014 was super hard, it was still so beautiful.  The book was such a good reminder that God is good and life is good, no matter what.

I’m walking into 2015 with my eyes wide open. I know now that I can’t promise a miraculous recovery by 2016, but that I do know that I will keep getting better.  One day I may feel better than I have in my entire life!

Thank you as always for cheering me on!  I hope you all have a wonderful 2015!


I have a lot to live for and look forward to!

I have a lot to live for and look forward to!



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